Start Before You’re Ready

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Have you ever thought about starting a personal project? Have you ever thought about opening a business or launching a new product or service? Have you ever been excited about pursuing an idea? So much you had the audacity to purchase a website domain — but then, a few weeks later, you talk yourself out of moving forward with the concept, because you believed you were not ready.

You sabotage yourself. You talk yourself out of taking action.

You convince yourself you need more time to get things off the ground. You listen to the little voice inside your head telling you to wait, to put things off for a little longer until you were more prepared.

I have been there. More times than I want to admit.

Time and time again, I have talked myself out of pursuing an idea, because I allowed myself to doubt my potential to succeed. Time and time again, I have told myself I wasn’t ready, and maybe it was best to put things off until I had the right knowledge and skills to execute the idea.

“Give yourself more time to develop your skills before you jump into it. Don’t rush. Take your time to perfect everything.” I often would tell myself to justify putting off a project.

I am tired of putting projects off.

I am tired of telling myself I’ll be ready one day, but the day never comes.

I am tired of scheduling a later date on my calendar and postponing my life.

The truth is, we’ll probably never be ready to start something in our life. We’ll doubt ourselves over and over again. However, if we wait until we’re ready, then we’ll miss out on the opportunity to learn and grow through our mistakes.

I am writing this article to encourage myself and whoever may be reading this right now to start things before we are ready. I no longer want to wait and put a hold on life. We don’t know what the future holds. I am starting now before I am ready. Hopefully, I’ll be able to look back at this and see how far I have come on my journey. What will you start now today?



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